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Who We Are

Caitlyn Jean, MFA

As an artist, Caitlyn explores multiple media from drawing, painting, installation, wearable art, interactive sculpture, video, bookbinding and more. Caitlyn loves to teach and discuss her love for media with others. 

With over a decade of experience creating murals, websites,  and designs for businesses, she has honed her ability to identify the perfect look for anyone. 

Since 2010 Caitlyn and Lisa have been creating art projects, running national conferences, tag teaming odd jobs, running businesses and otherwise sharing life together. Spending perhaps a little too much time side by side, you don't often see them apart because their talents combine to make a perfect team. 

Lisa Smith, BFA, PRcert

Lisa's heart lives in digital artwork and design.  Throughout her art practice she has worked heavily in digital print and video installation. But now and again, she picks up a paintbrush, pencil or plaster and wood, working with whatever material fits the project in mind.

She enjoys using her creative powers, combining her Digital Art skills and Public Relations education and experience to help take small businesses to the next level.

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